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Please don't hesitate to ask about a topic that isn't already covered here.

Why virtual interior decorating?

Virtual interior design is emerging as a smart, cost-conscious solution to room and home makeovers. Thanks to our technological world, collaborating electronically saves significant time and money.

Interior designer fees typically begin at $50 per hour, and are more commonly well over $100. For a flat fee, you can have pro room layouts, guidance and service at a sliver of a traditional designer rate.

This method is ideal for families with children, individuals with busy lifestyles, anyone who may not have fully decided on the direction they would like to go with their home's interior, and everyone who isn't intimidated by a little DIY.

What are your fees?

Please see the 'menu' page for rates according to the room you'd like decorated.  With your plan, you will then have free access to me by phone or email.

For those in the greater Seattle area, initial in-home consultations are complimentary up to 30 minutes. The usual rate of $75 per hour, or a per-project flat rate will then apply.

How does the virtual room plan process work?

1. Complete the New Client Inquiry.

2. Photograph and measure your room(s).

3. Submit the photographs and measurements by email.

4. You will receive a custom-created room plan based upon your budget, style preferences, and your lifestyle.

5. You decide when to begin your project, which elements of the plan you want to include, and complete the room on your own timeline.

What's included in the decorating plan?
  •  A virtual inspiration board - displays photos of furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting, window coverings, flooring, paint, and all elements selected for your room(s).

  •  A room layout - demonstrates where to place your furnishings, artwork, etc.

  •  A shopping list - guides you to retailers and online sources for the items selected for you.

  • Michelle as your on-call decorator via email or phone for decorating direction and to answer any questions. 

What if I don't like my room plan?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any part of your plan doesn't suit you, we'll search for alternate options and work with you until we've pulled your room(s) together.

If I can't implement the plan, what do you suggest?

If you're within the greater Seattle area, Michelle is available to travel to your home to help you with the installation. Otherwise, consider hiring a local contractor for the aspects with which you need help (e.g. installing lighting or tile, or painting). If you would like direction locating a contractor, please ask.


Should I expect to put in a lot of effort to complete my room?

No. If your room plan doesn't involve remodeling. You can expect to order the items for your room(s) from your custom shopping guide and when they arrive, or you pick them up, to arrange them based upon your custom room layout plan. You may need to install things such as fixed lighting, hardware and window coverings. As mentioned above, I suggest hiring a local contractor if you're averse to tackling trade-specific work such as installing flooring, countertops or tile.

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