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My two girls (who aren't so little anymore) are the reason I chose to start a business. It was vital to me to be available for them as they've been growing up while also pursuing my passion for home interiors.


An occupation in design was born in rural Idaho (where I was born) amid the earthy, worn textures and colors found in farmland. Inspired by my multi-talented mother, a craftsman father, and farm-wife grandmothers who were also artists.


I've lived and traveled abroad, in cities and small towns. Currently I live near a city. But, I'll always be small-town at heart, down-to-earth, dedicated, fair, diligent, and caring. I cherish knowing my clients and working alongside them to create the most welcoming, warm, beautiful and sensible home spaces possible. 


I've tackled design projects that are both aesthetically interesting and practical. That's included selecting furniture, lighting, artwork, paint and accessories, finishes such as counter tops, flooring, wood trim and hardware, and creating room layouts.


A highlight of design is meeting homeowners and learning about their families and hopes for their homes, then helping them achieve what they want.


When you're ready to design your home, redecorate, or to stage, please reach out. We'll make a plan together. I look forward to hearing from you even if you need a few minutes of my time to ask for ideas! 


​Michelle Faith Golay







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