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Times have changed. Technology is now in a different stratosphere than it was even ten years ago. We do still live in homes, and we want them to be comfortable, happy places to spend our time and share with loved ones.

Most of us do not have limitless time or funds with which to create the home spaces we dream of. In response to this and with the growth of do-it-yourself home improvements, some designers have begun to offer their services online and in design kits. Michelle Faith Design is the only one of this kind in the Pacific Northwest!

What will you receive in your Virtual Decorating Kit?

  • Custom Inspiration Board:  the elements chosen for your room(s)

  • Shopping Guide:  directs you to the places where you can purchase the items for your room(s)

  • Room Layout:  demonstrates where to place the items

  • Personal advice and direction from a pro:  contact via email or phone with questions and for advice

"As a single dad, you could only imagine the panic that set in when my six year old daughter told me she wanted to transform her bedroom into a room fit for a princess. I contacted Michelle for help. It was the best decision I ever made. The concept of virtual decorating was very new to me.  Michelle had me send a couple of pictures. She asked me a few questions about likes, dislikes and budget, and put together a decorating plan, including furniture options, paint colours and accessories. The plan was simple to follow, within budget and most importantly translated to a room my daughter just loves. Thank you so much Michelle.!!! This was a fantastic experience and I can hardly wait to get started on the rest of the house."  JIM, CANADA

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